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[How To] Setup Cherokee with PHP5 FPM

In this “how to” we will see how to setup cherokee on Ubuntu with PHP5-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager). Although the cherokee CookBook claims that “If PHP-fpm binaries are found, those will be prioritized over the regular binaries.”¬† it turns out that the latest stable version of cherokee in Launchpad gives errors while enabling it. So here is the work around.

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[How To] Back up your Server Data to Amazon S3

With the advent of the cloud computing, storage has become extremely cheap. We can use this storage to keep backups of our data and keep them safe from any potential data loss disaster. One such extremely cost-effective solution is Amazon S3. Some of the pros of S3 are:

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Cloud Computing – An Insight

Everyone is talking of ‘Cloud Computing’. While, some¬†claim it to be the biggest transformation in IT allowing access to seemingly limitless power of computing, others believe it to be extreme ”marketing hype campaign” .

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Welcome to TechTatva!

TechTatva is a weblog dedicated to posting on Cloud Computing, Cloud Based services and Scalable Web Infrastructures. Now there are hundreds of fantastic posts about them on the Internet already, but what we bring you are born out of pure experience straight from our workstations. Also, watch out for loads of personal insights, tips, tricks and breakthroughs on website/server maintenance plus the best out of our daily grind.

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