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3 Ways to setup CDN like service for your blog for free

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a system which can enhance the performance of a web-site by delivering its static content from different geographic locations, typically locations closest to the client’s location. Commercial CDN services from Akamai et al. are pretty expensive for amateur bloggers/web-site owners. Amazon S3 can also provide CDN like functionality for hosting static files but misses some key functionality of a CDN like gzip content-encoding and cache-control. We are going to discuss three ways in which we can have a CDN like service for a web-site/blog.

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Cloud Computing – An Insight

Everyone is talking of ‘Cloud Computing’. While, some¬†claim it to be the biggest transformation in IT allowing access to seemingly limitless power of computing, others believe it to be extreme ”marketing hype campaign” .

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